Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Response to Student Tech Showcase

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I watched several of the videos but the ones I found most intriguing had to do with what schools are doing with iPads in the classroom. First and foremost, I find it amazing that most students today do not know what it was like to live in a world where tablet devices did not exist. I realize I am speaking naively because I know that there are people who lived when computers and cell phones did not exist. My point is simply that technology has completely changed within the past decade and I cannot even fathom what is to come in the next decade.

The videos showed how the iPad can help keep students engaged but at the same time learn content. The students are all collaborating with one another and creating content on the device. In one of the videos, Literacy for Little Ones, Kindergarten students were creating animated books on historical characters on the iPad. This shows that, even at a young age, students have the ability to work with technology to gain knowledge about a topic. The video I found most interesting was Creating Interactive Textbooks, where fifth grade students were tasked with creating interactive textbooks on their iPads. This task is completely engaging and shows how well the students comprehend the material. As with all topics, having students teach other students is one of the best ways to have them learn about that topic.

Both of these tasks are similar because the students are creating material that other students can look at to learn from. Obviously, the fifth grade task is more difficult simply because of the age difference. However, I feel that both are equally relevant and meaningful for student learning.

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