Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How should technology be set up in my classroom?

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As a new second grade teacher, I am put in an interesting position of how to use technology in my classroom. I know that with common core coming, knowledge about technology is going to be necessity for my students, but because my students will be so young I am not sure how much I should be integrating technology into my everyday lessons.

Personally, I love technology and do my best to keep up to date with anything new that comes out.  I know I will be bringing a lot of my personal technology into my classroom, but I do not know how much of it I should be using. I know many teachers using computer time as an incentive for students when they are doing well. While this seems like a good idea, I know that a lot more can/should be done with computers. This will require some brainstorming.

Here is an inventory of the items I will be bringing from home (this may vary):

  • 2 - PC Desktops
  • 1 - Apple iMac (2006)
  • 1 - Apple MacBook (2005)
  • 1 - Personal Apple Laptop (I will be taking this home every day)
  • 1 - iPad (I will be taking this home every day)
  • 1 - Apple TV
  • 1 - Wireless Router
I am going to assume that my classroom is going to come with a projector and a document camera, however, if it does not, I will buy them myself and bring them to my classroom.

Here is what I know I am going to do with technology in my classroom:
I will be using the projector and document camera while teaching lessons at the front of the classroom. When I need to roam around the class I will switch from the document camera to my iPad paired with the Apple TV. This will allow me to give instruction on the iPad while walking around my class and checking for understanding.

My ideal classroom:
In my ideal classroom I would have a classroom set of iPads for all of the students. The students will be able to access apps and content that I predetermine and are district approved. I will also be able to control all the students iPads from a master iPad. I will only allow certain apps to be opened and I can lock them all when I want to. I will have the students use the iPads learn new content, collaborate, and create.

As you can probably tell, I am extremely excited to integrate technology into my class. I would love suggestions, comments, and concerns. Feel free to comment below.


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